Program Policy / Refund Policy / Make-Up Policy

Please read and familiarize yourself with our company policies before signing up for any training program.

Program Policy: 

  • If unsure which class is appropriate for your dog, please call us prior to registering (604.724.0574) to discuss which class would be best.
  • 4 Paws reserves the right to place your dog in the class the instructor feels is best suited to you and your dog’s ability.
  • Flat collars and a 4-to-6-foot leash are to be used in all of our training programs. No choke chains, Martingale collars, shock collars, and/or retractable style leashes are ever used as part of our training curriculum. Should you arrive with one of these types of equipment on your dog, you will be asked to remove it and it will be replaced by a loaner collar/leash for that one class. It is then your responsibility to comply with the policy from that point forward.
  • Training Programs are 5 weeks long, 1 hour per week, on the same day and time each week. Family members are encouraged and welcome to attend this program.
  • All puppies must be at least 13 weeks old and are required to have their first two (2) vaccinations before starting puppy classes.\
  • All dogs and puppies must have been seen by a veterinarian before attending class. All dogs must be in good health and free of parasites in order to attend class.
  • You may attend class without your dog in the event that your dog is ill.
  • If you have a bitch in season, it is your responsibility to contact your instructor for permission to attend class. Most likely, you will be asked to leave your dog at home but you may attend class without her.
  • A responsible adult must attend class each week if the handler is under 16 years of age.

Refund Policy: 

Cancellation must be received one full week’s notice (7 days) prior to the start of class for cancellations or refunds to be given - no exceptions. Because our classes fill up weeks in advance, last minute cancellations and transfers can wreak havoc with the balance of the class registrations. Please check your calendar carefully and plan to attend the class you sign up for. 

Should you decide to cancel once classes have commenced, you may be charged for either the class(es) you attended or a $25 administrative fee, at the discretion of 4 Paws management.

Make-Up Classes: 

We do our best to be sure that you get 5 weeks of classes. However Mother Nature and unforeseen circumstances can often prevent us from holding classes or you attending a class. Every effort will be made to offer a "make-up" class if this situation occurs. This will be at the discretion of 4 Paws Management.

Should an emergency or illness occur and you have to miss a class, please let us know as soon as possible. The “make-up class,” if available, should be taken within the 5 week time period of the session that you are enrolled in. If for some reason this is not possible, then the "make-up" class must be completed within 4 weeks after the program has finished. This may occur within the next session. Please call us to discuss your options.