Dog Obedience Training

Puppy Obedience 1 

For Puppies ages 13 weeks - 6 months (guideline only) and their families.

This class will focus on socialization with other puppies and people, confidence building, and basic puppy obedience. Introduction to basic obedience commands such as sit, stay or wait, recalls, leash walking, obstacles, and how to deal with noises, children, etc, will be covered. We also provide information on house training tips and other behaviour ideas. Positive training techniques are taught to build good puppy manners and acceptable puppy behaviours. We use treats in this class to reward positive behaviour. We suggest you use soft treats such as cheese, wieners, or other soft packaged treats that your puppy really likes and would be used just for training purposes.

Puppy Obedience 2

For Puppies ages 7 months and up (guideline only) and their families.

Owners/handlers are taught positive reinforcement training techniques. Training is focused toward creating a well mannered, obedient family pet using toys, treats, and praise. The focus is on skills such as a firm sit, stay, wait, recall, no jumping, no biting or nipping, and walking comfortably on a lead.

Beginner Obedience

This class is for owners and dogs that have successfully completed puppy obedience classes. This class expands on what was taught/learned in Puppy Obedience such as leash walking, recalls and stays, and attention and focus in different situations. Behaviours will be taught both on and off leash.

Canine Good Neighbour

Learning advanced tasks to challenge your dog’s mind. Training is geared towards the completion of the Canadian Kennel Club's (CKC) Canine Good Neighbour test. Dogs will learn to accept a friendly stranger, patiently sit for petting, loose leash walking, grooming and handling from a stranger, walking through a crowd without fear, dealing with other dogs, working under distractions, working with cues at a distance, and being left in supervised isolation.

Intermediate/Advanced Obedience: Companion Dog

These Classes follow the CKC's Obedience trials levels, including Pre-Companion Dog (PCD), Companion Dog (CD), Companion Dog Intermediate (CDI), Companion Dog Excellent (CDX).

CD dogs are able to perform Sit for Examination, Heel on Leash, Figure 8, and recall. Dogs advancing to CDI complete the following: Heel Free, Figure 8, Stand for Examination, Drop from Heel, Recall Holding Dumbbell, Recall over High Jump Holding Dumbbell, and Recall Over Broad Jump. CDX dogs also perform Broad Jump, Long Sit, Long Down, Retrieve over High Jump, and more. Please inquire about our advanced CD obedience.

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Aggression is not tolerated in classes.
Dogs may be excused at any time without refund

Dog Obedience Class Details

All Sessions run for five weeks. Classes are one hour long, limited to 8 dogs per class. Cost per Session is $180 (tax included) and is payable by cash or cheque at the first class.

All participating dogs must have Parvo, Bordetella (for kennel cough), and Distemper vaccines that are current within a 3 year period. Rabies vaccines must be current within a 3 year period but are optional. Puppies under 6 months old are exempt from requiring a rabies vaccine.